The guild is enjoying it's 10th birthday and we are enjoying several games right now. For all of you World of Warcraft players, we are on The Scryers - Horde. Recently Hawke aka Szintra announced his leaving. Kahlessi aka Amy has taken over the GM position. We have guild raids every Sunday Night!

For all your Star Trek fans, we have a fleet in Star Trek Online. We have many currently active projects going on with our Fleet base and Embassy. What do we need most? Fleet marks and Dilithium! Hawke is GMing, so if you have any questions, send them his way.

For you Star Wars Fans, you can find a chapter of CR there, GMed by Vurch. Check us out on Bergeran Colony and get in on some group pvp or dungeon crawls.


The Force Will Be With You

Posted on December 13th, 2011 by Hawke

Star Wars: The Old Republic is here.

We have been assigned to the Begeren Colony Server, Republic Faction!

Also, please be advised that we have a new Vent server, please check the forums for more information!

I hope everyone has had a great 2011 as we move foward towards 2012, and I hope to see you in game soon!

Today we are 7 years old! Wow!! Thanks to all of our awesome members who have kept us alive and going. Without you, we wouldn't be here!

I hope we're all having a great summer! Since the last news post here, our guild in WoW has been thriving!

Many members who were with us in other games have joined us. Also, we have added some new members. Welcome guys!

I would like to take this time to congratulate our newest level 80's! Choppamasa (Taselik - 2nd level 80), Alastria, and Oakraven. Well done you three and happy leveling to our next level 80's!

Don't forget that every Wednesday is "Achievers Anonymous" - an event where we try to get as many achievements as we can and then share them in our achievement thread on our forums.

Right now is the Fire Festival going on - please enter the screenshot contest for a chance to win some great in-game prizes! To read more about it or to enter, go HERE.

Here is an entry submitted by Cottillion.

We're also accepting donations for another guild tab - This one costs 5000g. Any and all donations will be helpful! To read more about it check out Choppa's post HERE.


Welcome Back WoW!

Posted on January 27th, 2010 by Hawke

Greetings everyone!

Things are going well in the land of Crimson Revenge, but there have been some changes in the games of focus.

Our Warhammer online chapter remains open, under the watchful eye of Venefica, now on the badlands server. Head on over and bash some stunties, gitface!

Sadly, our Aion chapter has closed. A solid game to be sure, Aion will go down in CR history as a fun game while it lasted.

The Officers and Guild leaders are pleased to announce the re-opening of the World of Warcraft chapter. Dabu and Zug Zug your way over the Scryers server, where CR has an open guild chapter on both Horde and Alliance side, with the strongest presence on the Horde side.

Finally, CR's Star Trek Online chapter is open and gearing up for launch, head start opens on Jan 29th!

Head on over to the forums and get in on the discussions and let us know what you're gonna play!

See you in game!

Co-Guild Leader of Crimson Revenge